Ayudando a inversores a lograr máxima rentabilidad desde 2001

As recognized trusted advisors in the sector, we combine local knowledge and global experience to provide you with the best Real Estate advice for investors.

At Grupo La Costa we are a firm specializing in real estate services on the Costa del Sol, and the "Investments" department was born from this experience. Recognized trusted advisors in the sector, they combine local knowledge and global experience to provide you with the best Real Estate advice for investors.

We have more than 20 years of experience providing expert investment advice to both companies and individuals. We make this mission a reality by putting our clients' goals first, leading with exceptional ideas, delivering on our commitments, and delivering high returns to investors.

Our Investment team adjusts the composition of a portfolio based on the investor's profile, which can be conservative, medium or risky, depending on the risk and volatility that the investor is willing to assume and advice on new opportunities.

Grupo La Costa guarantees that our projects are the best in their class, combining well-founded research with the most effective real estate tools available today.

Business' units

At Grupo Costa del Sol, you will find a team of passionate people from all walks of life working together to discover new business opportunities every day. Talented, intelligent and passionate people who have made the “Grupo La Costa Inversiones” department the firm that it is today. And if you want to work with and learn from the best in business, there's no better place to start investing.

We locate Business Units in various professional fields and analyze their exploitation project, selecting only the best valued for our clients. We have a portfolio to offer industrial operations, services, beauty and personal care, restoration, along with a wide range of relevant franchises.

We are a dozen professionals with extensive experience in brokering sales and rental operations (representation of owners and tenants), real estate asset management, valuations, consulting and studies, dedicated to offering integrated services tailored to the client.

We want to share our knowledge with our clients and understand their organization and needs in depth, with the aim of strengthening a close and effective professional relationship.

For foreign investors

If this is your case, community or non-community investor, we have our Onboarding solutions especially for you.

In exclusive group meetings, arranged by sectors of interest, we train attendees in the Spanish/European legal framework, we share successful experiences in different sectors, working on knowledge and strategies to achieve their objectives.

It includes an immersive accompaniment in the local business ecosystems, processing of residence and tax documentation, to start this new stage in the best conditions of legal security.

We organize presentation tours to the selected operating assets, to jointly assess their future possibilities in each entrepreneurial niche.